I haven’t met most of you personally—just Duwaine  Ganski—so let me introduce myself.  My name is Judy Wood and 1½ years ago we formed a group called Protecting American ideals.  Our mission is to educate the community about critical theory (wokeism) in Nevada County schools when an ideology breaches fundamental American principles.  

The primary American principle –what Alexis de Toqueville called the Mother idea—is the ideal of Equality.  This idea is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence—All Men Are Created Equal and informs all other principles.  By equal we mean equal in station of birth (no one is born to rule over others); equal in opportunity; equal before the law.  And we have constitutional protections and civil rights laws that uphold this principle.

Equity means equal outcomes—equal results.  Those who seek to destroy this country have properly seized on “equity” as a means to destroy equality.  Some in this district argue that equity means equality—they are wrong.  I have 3 examples and there are many more:

  1. Equity Policy 0415
  2. McFadden’s letter 6/9/2020
  3. Aurora Thompsons discussion of “The Work” where she mentions several times “equal outcomes” for students.

Equity is the Marxian dictat: “From those according to their abilities, to those according to their needs”.  If Equity really means Equality, then let’s put back into our policies and conversation the word “Equality”.

Contributor - Judy Wood, January 2023


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