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A quiet but powerful parents-rights movement began in California in 2021.    It started from just a seed as the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for school attendance during the 2021/22 school year began circulating through the State Capital.  While many parents begrudgingly complied with school COVID closures and mask mandates, the subject of complying with a vaccine mandate became a red line.  Advocacy groups sprung up in every corner of the state, on all social media platforms, and in every school board meeting.   Parental pushback seemed to win the day as the 2021/2022 school year got underway.  However, many did not realize that the looming Senate Bills were simply delayed until federal health authorities could bolster the state’s case to implement them.  The parental rights movement began to relax and life seemed to get back to normal.  The urgency for parents to find an alternative to a difficult problem - educating their kids 6+ hours a day outside of the state’s pr


     The first substantive set of K-12 student assessment scores to be published since the COVID school closures were released this week and the results for California are catastrophic.  California’s Smarter Balanced Assessment test scores — designed to assess if California students are meeting grade-level standards set by the state Department of Education — should shock the conscience of every Californian. The 2022 test results show :      Two out of three California students did not meet state math standards. More than half of students did not meet state English standards. 84 percent of Black students and 79 percent of Latino and low-income students did not meet state math standards. 83.5 percent of economically disadvantaged eleventh grade students  did not meet state math standards and 55 percent did not meet English standards.      Stop and read that again.       Eight out of 10 Black, Latino and low-income students can’t meet basic math standards after Gov. Gavin News


“Critical Race Theory is not being taught in schools”.  This mantra from the left rings as true as statements such as: “Inflation is now zero”, “the border is closed”, “universal mail in balloting is secure” and “the vaccine is safe and effective”.  It is all mis-information spread by public officials who know the media will not point out obvious evidence to the contrary.  Uninformed and non-curious citizens (of which there is no shortage) add to the enabling.   While the theory of CRT is in fact a pseudo-academic pursuit featured on university syllabi, its basic tenants are actively being inserted in lessons, videos, after school assignments, and even School District planning documents by teachers and school administrators throughout our nation.  And it is not just CRT, as you may have noticed, leftist ideology surrounding gender, gender identity, and transgenderism are being advanced as well.  The indoctrination ranges from the very subtle to the not-so-subtle.  Recently, the investi


     Proponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT) often argue that it is simply an approach to teaching history candidly, exposing along the way ugly truths about America’s past. Actually, it is nothing of the sort.      Rather, CRT is an ideology—a set of beliefs—whose tenets permeate K-12 education, including many of our own schools in Nevada County.      So, what are CRT’s major beliefs? The US is systemically and irredeemably racist. Everything is seen through the lens of race. 1 Skin color determines behavior. Whites are born an oppressor; blacks are born a victim. “There is no such thing as a positive white identity.” 2 Equity (equal outcomes) replaces equality (equal opportunity). Differences in outcomes is a sign of racism. 3 “Prejudice plus power” equals racism. 4  Only white groups in power can be racist; black groups out of power cannot be racist. An individual is meaningful only as a member of a group. Your identity is defined by your group, which has Marxist roots.      Practi