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  I lived in the low ground until I was well into my thirties. The low ground is that part of the  cityscape  just  outside  of  the hip  urban core where rents are  affordable , commutes are short, and  you are bound to meet  all types of people whether you intend to or not. High ground is where you move to put a little space  between yourself and the  downsides  of urban dwelling once you can afford to do so. The town of Berkeley  California is a perfect exa mple  o f this.  With every foot  away f rom  the  bay  mud flats  you  increase  in  both  elevation and  standard of  living .  E vent u ally you reach the Berkely Hills ,  where  fluctuations in the  housing  market  are  irrelevant.       I used to open my  apartment  door  in the mor ning an d peer out a bit before heading to the car. There was  a note on my windshield one day :  “ L earn to park, invasale”. I think they meant  imbecile but  spelling in  the low ground  can be creative . I played basketball  at the court  ad