“Critical Race Theory is not being taught in schools”.  This mantra from the left rings as true as statements such as: “Inflation is now zero”, “the border is closed”, “universal mail in balloting is secure” and “the vaccine is safe and effective”.  It is all mis-information spread by public officials who know the media will not point out obvious evidence to the contrary.  Uninformed and non-curious citizens (of which there is no shortage) add to the enabling.  

While the theory of CRT is in fact a pseudo-academic pursuit featured on university syllabi, its basic tenants are actively being inserted in lessons, videos, after school assignments, and even School District planning documents by teachers and school administrators throughout our nation.  And it is not just CRT, as you may have noticed, leftist ideology surrounding gender, gender identity, and transgenderism are being advanced as well.  The indoctrination ranges from the very subtle to the not-so-subtle.  Recently, the investigative journalists at Project Veritas exposed an assistant high school vice principal in Greenwich, CT who laid out their approach to indoctrination on hidden camera – do not hire Catholics; hire those under the age of 30; and actively seek out progressives.  These actions ensure compliant teachers deliver the leftist message (Project Veritas – the Secret Curriculum – Part 1)

In the Natomas Unified School District, at Inderkum High School, a teacher sporting a crossed hammer and sickle tattoo and who posted an Antifa flag, Communist Mao poster, and calendar of upcoming leftist protest events on the walls of his classroom stated the following (also exposed by Project Veritas): – “I only have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries”.   And if the last you heard of this teacher was that he was fired - just as an update, in early September, he was paid $190,000 to resign. 

 The neighboring Sacramento City Unified School District prominently features on its website an “Anti-Racist” Classroom initiative.  It decries “systemic racism” in our schools and features a quote from Angela Davis.  Her quote is not important, the fact that she is a self-described Marxist and long-time member of the Communist Party USA, tells you exactly what is going on.   The Marxist approach of dividing America by class ultimately failed in the 20th century, and now the approach is to divide America by race.

A wall-length mural painted at Soquel High School in Santa Cruz County in 2016 informs students daily: “Your gender and sexuality are not determined by your appearance”.  This subtle messaging, no doubt intended to be compassionate affirmation for a small minority of students, may be contributing to a ballooning of American youth identifying as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender.  The number of Americans identifying as LGBT has doubled in the last decade.  Within Generation Z, the youngest adult demographic who are aged between 18 to 23 in 2020, about 1 in 6 are likely to identify as LGBT (the Hill, Alexandra Kelly, February 25, 2020).

Back to the less subtle – The San Diego Unified School District, working in conjunction with Planned Parenthood, has introduced a character named “Paula Penis” into the District’s sex education training module.  A quote from Paula is as follows:  

 “Some people will say that my presence is ‘inappropriate,’” says Paula. “But that’s only because of a cisgendered, heteronormative, biologically obsessed worldview that still fails to realize that biology does not equal gender does not equal sexuality. Severing the false connection between those things is a big part of my work, which is why it’s so crucial that I be able to reach people when they’re still young enough to hear my message.” (San Diego Reader, August 12, 2022).  

Americans can no longer bury their head in the sand.  The indoctrination is ubiquitous and ranges from the subtle and suggestive to the aggressive and domineering. Their goal is simple: train up the next generation to overrun America with a cultural revolution fueled on racial and gender ideology.


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