Proponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT) often argue that it is simply an approach to teaching history candidly, exposing along the way ugly truths about America’s past. Actually, it is nothing of the sort.

    Rather, CRT is an ideology—a set of beliefs—whose tenets permeate K-12 education, including many of our own schools in Nevada County.


So, what are CRT’s major beliefs?

  • The US is systemically and irredeemably racist. Everything is seen through the lens of race.1

  • Skin color determines behavior. Whites are born an oppressor; blacks are born a victim. “There is no such thing as a positive white identity.”2

  • Equity (equal outcomes) replaces equality (equal opportunity). Differences in outcomes is a sign of racism.3

  • “Prejudice plus power” equals racism.Only white groups in power can be racist; black groups out of power cannot be racist.

  • An individual is meaningful only as a member of a group. Your identity is defined by your group, which has Marxist roots.

    Practice anti-racism. “All critical theories must include [social activism].”“The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination...future discrimination.”Notice the acronym of journalist Tim Pool’s, “Critical Race Applied Principles” (CRAP).

    CRT “strikes at the very foundations of American society, undermining American unity and common purpose.”Its Marxist origins are beyond dispute.

The foundational CRT belief, that the U.S. is systemically and irredeemably racist,” is a deliberate attempt to destroy the American Way of Life. “No country can survive on a diet of endless self-loathing.”8

The CRT beliefs listed above are diametrically opposed to the fundamental beliefs of most Americans and the American Way of Life. They include:

  • All men are created equal vs. humans are created as oppressors or oppressed.
  • They are endowed by their creator with rights vs. rights come from government.
  • Governments are created to protect individual rights vs. governments are created to ensure equity (take from one and give to another...socialism).
  • Governments derive their power from the people vs. governments derive their power from cancel culture, censorship, coercion.
  • The name, Anti-Racism Task Force, suggests actively discriminating against oppressor groups: whites. In her article, “Why anti-racism should be resisted,” Asra Nomani correctly asserts that parents around the country are fighting this return of segregation.
  • “Recommendation: Create identity-based affinity a brave space for students to explore their identities.” Identity politics, writ large. It further states: “Hold space...for students who want white affinity groups/feel it is ‘reverse racism’, etc.” In other words, explain to white students why everyone gets affinity groups except them.
  • “Recommendation: Hold trainings on implicit bias, equity, inclusion, and restorative justice for NJUSHD faculty and staff.” This comes straight out of the CRT handbook.
  • “Consider creation of a ‘Dean of Equity’ position within NJUHSD.” This would, presumably, mirror Kendi’s “DOA (Department of Anti-Racism, to be established by constitutional amendment), responsible for pre-clearing all local, state and federal public policies to ensure they won’t yield racial inequity...”9

    Here, in Nevada County, the Superintendent of Nevada Joint Union High School District accused our community and our country of being systemically racist in two separate letters (1/13/21 and 6/9/20). Not a shred of evidence was submitted to back up these charges. Yet these are the ideas being foisted on Nevada County children from the highest levels.

    In the summer of 2020, NJUHSD created an Anti-Racism Task Force, ostensibly “in response to strong district stakeholder and community input.” They claimed 900+ signatures on a petition. After six months of repeated requests for the signatures, they finally admitted they couldn’t produce them, hence, the following Task Force recommendations originally unveiled at the December board meeting, were shelved:

    The recommendations are peppered with CRT-alternate language which, as George Orwell warned in his book “1984,” can (and is) used to subjugate and obfuscate: equity, diversity, restorative justice, microaggressions, implicit bias, culturally responsive teaching, and social and emotional learning (SEL). All of these expressions guide students into a group identity. Or, as Christopher Rufo said, they support state sanctioned racism.

    Critical Race Theory is more deadly than COVID. It does not teach does teach our children to hate their country and judge each other by skin color and gender.

    “Make no mistake about it, Critical Race Theory poses an existential threat to the United States.”10

Contributor: Judy Wood, November 2022

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