Grass Valley's Magnificent Flag


Have you noticed the beautiful flag flying over the entrance to Grass Valley from the South? Every time I drive up Hwy. 49 into Grass Valley my heart skips a beat when I see that magnificent flag.

I mentioned it to my sister one day and she said, “Oh, the Garrison Flag?” 

I had never heard that term but I was pretty sure I knew what a Garrison was so I looked it up. This little story proves that one can live a long time and still learn something new.

A Garrison Flag is 20’ hoist by 38’ fly. It is flown on U.S. Armed Forces forts and bases on Sundays and on special occasions like Armed Forces and Veterans Days. The largest Garrison flag was 30’ hoist and 34’ fly and flew over Ft. Mc Henry in the War of 1812. 

Aboard a Navy Vessel it is called a Battle Ensign. It is the Flag Francis Scott Key saw from his battleship position in Charleston Harbor and inspired the poem he wrote which became our National Anthem

Be sure to notice the Garrison Flag being flown over Grass Valley’s southern entrance. It is beautiful. It is majestic, it is patriotic, it is American!

Thank Jim Giainulias, the owner of Mesa Management, the company who is refurbishing the Target/SPD shopping center. They put up the flag pole with the majestic Garrison Flag and have plans to install a monument in the wall surrounding the flag with a plaque honoring all branches of the service.

Contributor: Sally Knutson


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