In 2020 we were aboard a trans-Atlantic steamer, eating, dancing, gambling, or whatever we enjoy far below deck when a low rumble and disorienting shudder jolted us all.  Some shook it off and resumed their festivities, and some of us went topside to see what had happened. It was there we saw the impact and the ship developing a frightening list.  Did you see our elections go from majority in-person, day-of-election voting to weeks-before-and-weeks-after mail-in-voting wherein swing state precincts become a game of who can shove the most paper through the slot?  One side is always more adept at it than the other.  The media called it “voting access”.  The mail in signature rejection rate?  Dropped from the typical 3 or 4% to 0.3% or 0.4%.  Contrast that with the recent recall effort for Los Angeles’ leftist District Attorney and its 30-percent signature rejection rate.  Starting to sense the list below deck yet?  

    Weeks before the election of 2020, my wife and I were watching the news one night and marveled at the sight of Amish buggies with Trump signs posted on the side.  Had we seen politically-active Amish in the past?  We saw rallies of tens-of-thousands who enthusiastically defied the “Stay Home – Stay Safe” electronic highway billboards posted by their overlords.  We saw something called a car rally on the other side…Honk if you think we are setting a trans-Atlantic steamer speed record.  

    What about how we reported deaths…did that get your attention?  The local paper always told you the age of the deceased whenever a death was newsworthy.  The age of people dying of (or with?) COVID was suddenly irrelevant.  Those of us strolling around the ice-covered deck noticed that flu deaths became non-existent.  Heart disease?  Cured for now.  Did you hear the faint whisper in 2022 that those that died were teetering with an average of four co-morbidities?

    Then there was the vaccine.  Did you notice that the definition of vaccine had changed?  Do you recall children ever being vaccinated against something they weren’t particularly at risk for?  When did we start inflicting untested treatment on the young to supposedly benefit the old?  Owners of businesses who were unwilling to become the regime’s enforcement arm were suddenly threatened with fines of $14,000 per violation from OSHA.  

    That brings us to the other post-2020 acronyms of state power.  We saw it coming pre-2020 with the IRS and its targeting of 501(c)(3) applicants with the now triggering words of “patriot” or “liberty” in their title.  As local law enforcement became the focus of budget cuts and criminal prosecution, federal law enforcement became a tool of the state.  Vaccine mandates were also helpful in removing conservatives from their positions in law enforcement.  FBI, DOJ?  Still think they are operating under the tenant of equal justice under the law?  Want to speak up at your local school board meeting? There is a new acronym for you – DVE, or Domestic Violent Extremist.  

    If you’ve ever seen the animated re-creation of the Titanic’s sinking, its fascinating.  It shows a gentle dip of the bow, a slight tilt to port, and then a slow slip of the bow beneath the surface followed by the stern lifting high in the air.  The whole vessel splits in two and rapidly disintegrates on the way down.  

    Care to come topside and take a look around?  The bow has slipped under the water.

Contributor: Jonathan Kors, September 2022


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